Winter/Spring 2015 Music Classes Start January 20

Winter/Spring Music Classes 2015
Begins January 20thsnowman
Registration is picking up quicklyfor our upcoming Winter/Spring 2015 session. Make sure to register now to get the class you would like!
All levels of classes feature new songs, stories, instruments, and activities.  The new Toddler Session is called “Play With Me” (a favorite one because the children get a chance to try many new percussion instruments to play such as triangles, cymbals, guiros and many more). The jingle sticks are the boxed instrument.  The new Preschool Session for the Cycles of Seasons class is “Spring”.  These songs and stories from this session are about spring growth and change such as frogs/tadpoles and caterpillar/butterfly and the dandelions…so bring your creative self along.  Be sure to check out our Evening and Saturday classes too!