School Is Here!

The statement “School is here” can encompass many emotions!  For me it is a combination of joy, excitement and sadness.  I just dropped one of my twins off at Eastern College for the first time and am about to drop off my second daughter at Saint Louis University this week.  I feel joy and excitement for all that this year will bring for them and sadness that my time to experience things with them and to watch their growth side by side is gone!  I am thankful for all that we shared together. Music class is a great way to share in their joy and excitement and watch their growth side by side.  There aren’t too many activities that we can enjoy together and know that not only are we having fun but so many wonderful educational things are happening in the background without anyone even being aware that it’s good for them…just like gummi vitamins! I look forward to being with you and your children singing and learning together in an environment that fosters community.