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Virtual Music Class

Music Classes From The Comfort Of Your Home Enjoy childrens music classes with green screen animation so we can virtually go anywhere the music tells us to go from the comfort of home.  These fun, high energy music classes are activity packed, entertaining and give children a positive, creative way to express themselves.  Music classes […]

  • Age:3 months - 5 years
  • Time::Ongoing! Signup any time!

In-Person Music for Babies

Come join other adults and their babies as we play instruments, play peek-a-boo with scarves, sing, dance, laugh, and make music together. Designed to give you the tools to make music a part of your day with your little babies. Babies love music and Babies are born with an aptitude for music, but that aptitude […]

  • Age:1-12 months

In-Person Music for Toddlers

In a world filled with “be-alone” activities, are you looking to spend more one-on-one fun filled quality and engaging times with your children? Each music class is filled with fun and developmentally appropriate activities that will stimulate your child’s imagination and improve their increasing vocabulary. You will SING! Singing songs your child will gain independence, […]

  • Age:14 Months-3.5 Years

In-Person Music for Preschoolers

This fun-filled class is designed to nurture the growing independence of the 3 through 5 year olds. Activities will include singing, instrument playing, chants and rhymes, listening activities, group dancing, as well as literature and stories to creatively bring to life on xylophones as well as percussion instruments. Through many different activities children will be […]

  • Age:3-5 years

In-Person Music for Mixed Ages

Join adults and children of all ages in a musically rich environment of singing, large group dance activities, and playing varied percussion instruments such as drums, sticks, jingles, shakers, scarves, hoops as well as stick horses.  Children and parents/caregivers will sing, play and laugh as you participate in activities that will improve your child’s increasing […]

  • Age:1-5 years
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