Some Halloween Fun on Halloween Week!

Halloween week with all the children in costume is always a highlight….some had more fun than others but laughs were shared by all! Click on the like below for more Halloween pictures from my “Caryn’s Musicreators” facebook page.  Hope this makes you smile like it did for me!

Gotta LOVE Halloween!

Stay tuned for the Holiday Sing Along Music Classes on December 11 & 18 in the Naperville location as well as the Winter/Spring Session for all locations to start the week of January 21!

Thank You!

A Great Big Music Thank You:
Our Winter/Spring Music Session has come to an end this past week!  I just wanted to thank you for sharing your children with me and even more importantly sharing the gift of music with your children; the gift that keeps on giving!
Don’t forget to sign up for our short summer session…see the tabs at the top for the location nearest you!


Spring Break Week For Music Classes (except Saturday)

  • Just a reminder that music classes are on spring break this week starting Monday, March 26-Friday March 30.
  • Saturday, March 31 music classes are still scheduled (due to a make-up class from March 10).

Also a shout out to my Wednesday morning class…thank you for being great sports about our building evacuation that morning but thought you might like this picture…this is how we take advantage of an inconvenience…

Make Time For Music

Make TIme For Music
Our classes are more than just an introduction to music.  Our classes can play a critical role in your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development, as well as laying down the foundation for musical proficiency.  Our music classes provide dedicated time each week when you can bond with your child free from distractions and watch them grow into a confident, independent, and expressive young person.  So share in your child’s joy and give them the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways…the gift of music!

In our last session of our Preschool Cycle of Seasons Class, our theme was Spring….we brought stories to life about things that change like frogs and butterflies and things that grew like dandelions and sunflowers.  At the end we planted some…how did your sunflowers grow over the summer?  Or did the song about the rabbits come true and they got to them first?  Here are Jack’s sunflowers and my sunflowers…so glad the bunnies stayed away!  Thanks for sharing!!!

Why Music Is So Important In Early Childhood Years…

Why Is Music So Important In Early Childhood Years? Did You Know…IMG_0165
Music does so much more than just provide fun. Music helps the brain grow as well by building bridges between neurons…these bridges are used for higher level thinking later on in school…higher level thinking needed for math, science and language.  These bridges can only be built in the early childhood years.
So Come join the many early childhood families, singing and learning together in an environment that fosters community, fun, as well as wires the brain for success!
**New 2017 Summer and Fall Music Classes Have Just Been Announced…Register Now!  (Click on the Tabs at the Top!)


Holiday Sing-a-long Classes Are Filling Up…Sign Up Now!

2 Week Holiday Music Classes Are Fun for the Whole Family!!  Give the Gift of Music this Holiday Season!
Back by popular demand…our fun-filled Holiday sing-a-long classes!  Due to the success of last years classes, we are pleased to offer our Holiday sing-a-longs again!  These fun-for-all 40 minute sessions, over 2 weeks, are geared for the entire family (children 6 mths – age 7…and even older), and will help add to the spirit of the holidays!