Why Music Is So Important!


Since you held your child in your arms, you wanted to give them the world.  But life throws you a curve ball in the way of time, financial responsibilities, and conflicting advice. How do you give your children the most beneficial experience within the constraints of life? Very simple…You do it through music.
Numerous studies have shown that, from a very early age, music can have profound long-term effects that include improved language development, higher standardized test scores in math, decreased learning disabilities and enhanced brain function as well as creativity.
Our classes are more than just an introduction to music.  Our classes can play a critical role in your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development, as well as laying down the foundation for musical proficiency.  Our music classes provide dedicated time each week when you can bond with your child free from distractions and watch them grow into a confident, independent, and expressive young person.  So share in your child’s joy and give them the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways…the gift of music!
So Click on the link for your area and join a music class this Fall!