Saving Money Making Music

Did you know that even though our classes are 15 weeks long our cost is the same as most of our well known competitors which only meet for 6-8 weeks?  Now that’s what I call a savings! So come try out a class and tell a friend about it and receive a 10% discount if they join…Now that ‘s DOUBLEt he savings!!  What do you have to lose – other than your money?!
So come join the 150 children of all different ages participating in musical activities that will grow developmentally as each child grows. Join the 150 parents who share in their children’s joy and watch them grow because music does so much more than just provide fun. Music helps the brain grow as well by building bridges between neurons…these bridges are used for higher level thinking later on in school…higher level thinking needed for math, science and language…so Come join the 150 early childhood families, singing and learning together in an environment that fosters community, fun, as well as wires the brain for success!