Last Chance For Summer Fun!

74497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_03Last chance to get in some of your favorite summer activities…Hopefully you have gotten through some of the things on your summer “bucket list”.  If not, you still have this week to try and get it all in…

  • Time with family and friends-(check)
  • Time in the pool-(check)
  • Time in the sun and relaxing (check)
  • Time spent with the children before they go back to school-(check)

There isn’t much time left with summer activities and there isn’t much time left to sign up for Fall music classes.  Come join the 120 children of all different ages participating in musical activities that will grow developmentally as each child grows. Come join the 120 parents who share in their children’s joy and watch them grow because music does so much more than just provide fun.  Music helps the brain grow too by building bridges between neurons…these bridges are used for higher level thinking later on in school…higher level thinking needed for math, science and language…so come join the 120 early childhood families, singing and learning together in an environment that fosters community, fun, as well as wires the brain for success.

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